Dumpster Cleaning in Wilmington for $100/month!

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Who We Are

Lift the lid...Take a whiff. Clean and spotless? That's who we are! Spotless Trash Bins in Wilmington. The most innovative dumpster and trash can cleaning in Wilmington. Our state-of-the-art, high pressure system uses germ killing, pulverizing hot water to clean and sanitize your trash bin quickly. To protect the environment, all waste water stays safe in our vehicle! We are the areas only self contained trash bin and dumpster cleaning company.  You won't miss the flies, maggots, leftovers, grime or that stench when you lift the lid! 

We provide trash bin cleaning monthly so you don't have to!

  • Wilmington 
  • Wrightsville Beach 
  • Carolina Beach 
  • Leland

What We Do

  • Every month, we clean your rollaway trash and recycling bins. They smell great, and for once-they're sanitary!
  • On one of your regular trash collection days, just leave your bins outside and we'll transform them into fresh, spotless trash bins before the sun goes down!
  • Stink, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, food, flies, maggots-GONE!
  • Since you don't have to clean them yourself EVER--spend the extra time with your kids, the love of your life, the golf course, the deep blue sea, or a warm sandy beach with one of those umbrella drinks in your hand.

We help save the Earth, one bin at a time.

It's simple . . . We take all the yucky stuff stuck to the inside of your trash bin, and wash it away with steaming hot water, then dispose of the waste water responsibly. No chemicals--just an all natural solution for your Spotless Trash Bins in Wilmington and surrounding areas.

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